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Photo Gallery

This gallery gives a good idea of the diversity of projects that Stafforshire Fabrications are able to undertake. Please click on an image to see a larger version:


A JCB 3X, for which we fabricate component parts A bucket attachment for a JCB machine A Manitou Carriage being welded for a Loadall Divisioin machine A ready to be painted Auger for Attachment Division A Turbo Pedal, black powder coated ready to send to Cecilly Mills Division
Stillages ready and waiting to be painted Stillages ready to have dunnage added and shipped Stillages ready to be despatched to Honda Bumper Assemblies for trailers
Skid plates fabrication completed prior to painting
A transformer for Alsthom in the electrical sector Manufacture of wind turbine components An Oil Sampling device for the petrochemical sector Stainless steel Drop Rods for the nuclear industry Aluminium brackets for solar panels
One of our narrowboats painted and ready to be shipped for fitting A bespoke houseboat fabricated to customer specifications The houseboat completed and situated on the canal network A working pontoon designed to carry heavy equipment along the canal network Dry dock being sunk to required depth
A powder coated bridge to fit over customer's garden water feature Bespoke railings designed and manufactured for public and commercial Black powder coated bench designed and fabricated for customer's property Hexagonal planter from our Titanic range Rectangular planter from our Titanic range
Safety ladder constructed for William Hare RSJ sawn to length and holes drilled Re-bar frames for concrete supports Telescopic boom arms for construction equipment Stanchions for building support
A 3D drawing of the pontoon, designed to split in two to navigate canal locks Our CAD engineer working designs for marine fabrication An isometric view of a prototype assembly A 3D line sketch of a narrowboat bow 3rd angle projection of a profiling bed, including extraction assembly
High definition CNC plasma profiler Heavy duty welding applied to JCB carriage CNC press brake in operation Seat frame for 4D motion base Bogie Clamp Assembly
Inner Cradle Assembly Bogie Assembly Bogie Assembly Seat Frame bolted to 4D motion base Motion Base
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